Aplikasi Pembelajaran Latihan Dasar-Dasar Bola Basket 3 Dimensi Menggunakan Metode Multimedia Development Life Cycle Berbasis Android


  • Prajoko Prajoko
  • Winda Apriandari
  • Gusti Aldy Reynaldy




Learning Application, Games, Basketball, Multimedia Development Life Cycle, Technology


The world of basketball is one sport that can be considered a sport with very many enthusiasts, with many
diverse exercises sometimes the players are confused to understand the exercises that are so much varied,
especially for beginners, it is expected that learning media can help beginners to understand the practice, at
least to understand the basics of basketball. Today's technology has penetrated into all aspects of human life,
both technology as a work aid, technology as a means of socializing, educating, or technology for
entertainment such as games. The development of technology also means the development of learning
application, the development of learning application has an impact on education. The world of education
today has become more sophisticated in its implementation. Not only using whiteboards and chalk, but
having switched to computers and projectors even through learning application a science can be delivered in
a way that is more fun and interesting. Educators are even easier in sharing their knowledge with the help of
technology. Multimedia Development Life Cycle Multimedia development so that it can be included in
learning must go through well-designed and coherent stages so that the multimedia products produced are of
good quality and appropriate to be used in learning. This learning application produces material that can
help beginner basketball players to learn basketball which is good and right