Layanan Bimbingan Belajar Bagi Siswa Slow Learner (Studi Kasus Siswa Kelas IV MI Ma'rifatul Ulum)


  • Canti Tresnaratih Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Tatang Suratno Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Fatihaturosyidah Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia



Slow Learner, Tutoring Service, Reading, Writing.


Reading is an activity related to the cognitive system, in this case trying to find various information contained in a sentence. Reading activities are important in the learning process, but in practice it is sometimes found that there are students who experience slowness in learning such as low reading skills, this situation is often known as slow learners, namely children with special needs or children with special needs who cannot be recognized from their physical appearance but the child still require special learning services. Normally for high grade students, the level of reading and writing is already fluent. However, the fact is that students are still found to be slow learners. For this reason, researchers examine the subject of tutoring services for slow learner students during reading and writing activities. The researcher uses a research method in the form of a case study which is a research method that collects and analyzes data related to a case. After the researcher studied it, in the slow learner class students experienced emotional ups and downs so the students were not interested in absorbing the material presented by the teacher. This situation was overcome by the class teacher by asking each student to face the teacher one by one to carry out reading activities. The learning media used are also distinguished between normal students and slow learners. There are learning delays in reading and writing experienced by fourth grade students at MI Ma'rifatul Ulum including; (1) insufficient memory in distinguishing the letters of the alphabet; (2) the ability to read in the form of sentences and even words is still low; (3) the ability to write in the form of sentences is still low; and (4) the more readings and sentences that must be read and written, the more difficult it will be for him.






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