Implementasi Algoritma C4.5 Untuk Prediksi Kelulusan Tepat Waktu

(Studi Kasus: Program Studi Teknik Informatika)


  • Sarah Novia Hermawanti
  • Asriyanik Asriyanik
  • Asril Adi Sunarto



C4.5 Algorithm, Decision Tree, PHP, Timely Graduation Prediction


The Informatics Engineering Study Program is one of the Study Programs at the University of
Muhammadiyah Sukabumi which every year the incoming student quota not all students can graduate on
time in accordance with the study period taken so as to result in the accumulation of a number of old students
who do not graduate according to the graduation period. PHP is a collection of program codes that are
added to HTML which will later be processed in the processor and the results will be displayed in the
browser as HTML pages. C4.5 algorithm is the result of the development of the ID3 (Iterative Dichotomiser)
algorithm which was developed by Quinlan. This algorithm is used to build a decision tree that is easy to
understand, flexible, and interesting because it can be visualized in the form of images. Based on this
research was conducted to create a system using classification techniques that can process large amounts of
data to find patterns that occur in student data. Data processing is used to predict classes that are not yet
known, namely in this design prediction of student graduation. The classification technique used is decision
tree with the application of C4.5 algorithm. The input used is in the form of attributes from student data
including IP (Performance Index) per semester from semester 1 to 7, and BTQ grades in semester 6. The
student data is training sample data used in the preparation of decision trees. This test uses training data of
students who have graduated from 2015 to 2018. This knowledge can be utilized by the UMMI Informatics
Engineering Study Program as a preventive measure to avoid decreasing student graduation each year



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