Komposisi Jenis Hiu Di Tpi Karangsong, Indramayu




CITES, conservation, shark, sustainable fisheries management


In 2015, the Food of Agriculture Organization (FAO) has released that Indonesia is the largest producer of Chondrocytes (cartilaginous fish) including shark. The high demand causes 10 of 118 species of shark in Indonesia to be included in the Appendix CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) list. The Indonesian government says there are some obstacles in shark fisheries policy making, one of which is the inadequacy of shark fishery data including the number and type of shark caught being one of the obstacles in making shark fishery regulation in Indonesia. This research was aimed to assess the composition of shark that caught and conducted by in-situ shark sampling in TPI Karangsong, Indramayu. There are 21 species of shark that caught and two of them are included in the Appendix CITES. They are S. lewini and S. mokkaran

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