(Studi Kasus Pada Gapoktan Penerima Program PUAP)

  • Ridwanulloh Ridwanulloh
Keywords: Performance, Gapoktan, Gapoktan Mitra Utama, PUAP and, PUAP Program


Agricultural development especially in developing countries (Indonesia) can’tbe separated from the rural. Most of the population in Indonesia live in rural and the majority still in poor condition 28.28 million people (11.25%) poor people (BPS 2014). PUAP program is a breakthrough program of the Ministry of Agriculture for poverty alleviation and job creation, while reducing of the development gap at the central and regional regions and between subsectors. Limusnunggal Urban Village Cibeureum Sub-district Sukabumi City through Gapoktan that exist in the region is one of the village who obtained PUAP program since 2008. The success of Gapoktan in implementing PUAP program will be seen from the performance of Gapoktan, so this study aims to know the performance of Gapoktan Mitra Utama in the implementation his PUAP program. The search data is done by distributing questionnaires or interviews. Sampling technique using random sampling method, data processing using descriptive statistical method. The result of research shows that Gapoktan Mitra Utama can’t be categorized as strong and independent in achieving its performance, as stated by Permentan, (2013) Gapoktan can be categorized as strong and independent if Gapoktan already have two indicators which among them is having the following characteristics: a. the existence of the meeting b. Compiled work plan c. Have rules / norms d. Have administrative records e. Facilitating joint activities f. Facilitate farming commercially and agribusiness oriented g. As a source of information and technology h. The existence of braided cooperation i. The existence of capital cultivation of business and has a binding element as follows: a. The existence of objectives b. The existence of an honest board Gapoktan c. The existence of business unit services / farming d. The existence of superior product commodity development e. The existence of partnership activities f. The existence of benefits for farmers around. So Gapoktan Mitra Utama need to have two indicators if Gapoktan will be said strong and independent.