Pemahaman Penggunaan Aplikasi Konsultasi Online dengan Kapatuhan Menjalani Pengobatan Penderita Diabetes Mellitus


  • Caturia Sasti Sulistyana STIKES Adi Husada



Online Consultation Application, Compliance of Treatment, Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes mellitus is disorder insulin secretion or resistance chronic so led to an increase blood glucose levels. The disease management is closely affected by compliance to the treatment of medication. The purpose of this research to know the understanding diabetic mellitus in used online consultation application with compliance to the treatment of medication. This research used crossectional design to 30 diabetes mellitus people in Kalimas Surabaya, with simple random sampling. The Chi Square result showed 0,00 (<0,05), that was a significant relation between Understanding used Online Consultation Application with compliance to the treatment of medication. The understanding is capability somebodu to understand and explain material known properly. The understanding on advis doctor and the effects of treatment is the key to success to run treatment in diabetes mellitus. Therefore this research was expected to increase awareness of diabetes mellitus and motivation to improve undergo treatment and controlled their blood glucose levels, and can become the basic of further research.



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