Analisis Strategi Humas Pemerintah Desa Cimande Dalam Mengembangkan Potensi Desa Wisata (Community Based Tourism)


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Stategy of Pubilc Relations, Cimande, Community based tourism


The study aim to know the strategy of public relations in developing Community Based Tourism in
Cimande. The study design uses is descriptive qualitative research. Researcher act as an active instrument in
efforts to collect data in the field. Key infromans in this study were head of Cimande government of village
and head of Cimande village tourism, while the additional infromans were leader of Cimande culture
community and leader of P4S Antanan living near attractions in Cimande. The techniques of collecting data
were interviews, observation and documentation.
The results showed the Cimande government’s public relations strategies in developing Community
based tourism in Cimande is through: (a) operational approach by developing tourism concepts based on
Cimande cultures. (b) Educational persuasive approach by providing training and socialization tourism
awareness to Cimande village tourism group. (c) Coorporate social responsibility by providing free
agricultural training and Silat training to Cimande society, and also infrastructure repair around Cimande
village tourism. (d) The program of cooperation with external public, they are Bogor Tourism College and
Tourist Village Association. (e) An Coordinative and integrative program in the form of improving the economy
of the Cimande community.






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